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Campaign Story

Like many before him, Rahman came to Singapore to support his family back in Bangladesh by working in the construction industry. Being the sole breadwinner, his diabetic mother and three younger siblings depended on him for financial provision.

On 19th February 2020, an unfortunate accident damaged his cornea and hampered his ability to send money back home. Burdened by the loan he took to come to Singapore and his responsibilities towards his family, Rahman is faced with a situation where only the empathy of the public could offer him reprieve.

Rahman’s plight is only one of the many stories of hardships faced by our migrant workers.

As one of the people who helped build the infrastructure that we enjoy, it now befalls upon us to honour the contributions of our migrant workers by extending our hands when they need us the most.


What is a Giving Circle?

A Giving Circle is a form of charitable giving where individuals give into a pooled fund set aside to meet the needs of a specific group of people or for a specific need. If you are undecided on which beneficiary to support, Giving Circles is the best way to channel your donations towards the group or needs that you are passionate about. Our other Giving Circles can be found here.


How can you help others like Rahman?

By donating to the Migrant Worker Giving Circle, you will be helping migrant workers Singapore pressed between their circumstance in Singapore and the commitment they have for their families back home.


How will the funds be utilised?

Ray of Hope will perform a detailed needs analysis to determine how the money each beneficiary will receive. Generally speaking, the donations are used for short term financial assistance, daily needs, paying off utilities or town council bills, etc.100% of the donations will be disbursed to the beneficiaries.

Ray of Hope does not take any portion of the donation for our overheads. All beneficiaries have been verified with documentation and relevant checks with government authorities, so you know that your donation is going to the right person.

Regular updates for the Giving Circle. As a member of this Giving Circle, you will receive updates through the website on the beneficiaries helped and how the funds were used.

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