September 10, 2021

Give a helping hand to Ruby again!

Dear Donors

Ray of Hope simply cannot thank you enough for your invaluable contribution towards Ruby’s campaign.

Our case worker recently got in touch with Ruby and was updated that she has since shifted to another open market rental unit. The current rented place is able to accommodate her and her two children. However, in view of many events happening, unfortunately her children are currently not staying with her.

Currently, Ruby is still experiencing difficulty to find stable employment. For the past few months, she has attempted freelance make up jobs, ad-hoc painting and food delivery jobs. Being away from her children, Ruby misses them so much and is determined to provide her children a better life.

“Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change someone’s world.”

You may read more of Ruby’s story here:

Our sincere thanks once again. We hope you will continue to support those who may have fallen through the cracks or struggling through their journey. Ray of Hope ensures that 100% of your donations go to our beneficiaries. 💯

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