New Start

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37 days to go

From Conviction to Transformation: Helping Ex-Offenders Rebuild

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Help 6 residents on their journey as they reintegrate back into society. 

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Help Lingam obtain his Class 4 License fees so that he can support his family with better job prospects

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Support 4 residents as they overcome barriers to be reintegrated into the society

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Alvin Soong: “Every step we take, no matter how little it is, will always come a long way!

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Christopher Loh: “Let us work together to change society with more kindness and opportunities for those who need it!” 

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Martin Lau: “I feel compelled to step out and do my part in helping this cause!”

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Krellstein Thomas: “I hope to shine a light upon the obstacles faced by low-income families and ex-offenders

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Valerie Khoo: “Every single person deserves the opportunity to make positive changes in their life!”

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Dr Siva: “We hope to be a ray of hope for those who need assistance!”

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Teo Hung Lib: “Give fresh hope to those who need it!”

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Benson Lim: “Let’s work towards a brighter, kinder community!”

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