New Start

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11 residents need your support as they work for a better future

S$3,200 Raised VERIFIED
25% of S$12,400
36days to go

Help 6 ex-inmates re-integrate with their families

S$6,200 Raised VERIFIED
65% of S$9,510
36days to go

Happi Dance x Ray of Hope

S$10,409 Raised VERIFIED

Support Mr Sham as he starts working to support his mum

S$770 Raised VERIFIED
64% of S$1,200
0days to go

Despite falling repeatedly, Mr Selvam strives to pick himself up again for his family.

S$910 Raised VERIFIED
70% of S$1,290
0days to go

“I am jobless now, but I want to work towards supporting myself.”

S$990 Raised VERIFIED
61% of S$1,600
0days to go

“Your help will rebuild my confidence to reintegrate with the society.”

S$1,000 Raised VERIFIED
60% of S$1,640
0days to go

“I have done wrong, but I want to make it up to them and be a good grandfather to the children.”

S$980 Raised VERIFIED
61% of S$1,600
0days to go

“I am grateful to my sister who did not give up on me and I want to repay her by doing well.”

S$1,080 Raised VERIFIED
60% of S$1,800
0days to go

“I know I will have a lot of struggles to get back to where I were, but I will want to give it my best.”

S$1,180 Raised VERIFIED
59% of S$2,000
0days to go

You can help Mr Kalai skill up and return to the workforce eventually

S$2,000 Raised VERIFIED
100% of S$2,000
0days to go

“I have no one to rely on but myself. I want to make sure I can support myself.”

S$1,020 Raised VERIFIED
60% of S$1,680
0days to go