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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Like most young adults, 21-year-old Hucheng shares big dreams about the life that he wishes to live – a life to call his own. Born in the Henan Province of China, Hucheng’s mum made the decision and sent him to Singapore in hope of letting him receive the best education so that he does not need to live in poverty. He is a current Year 2 student in a local Institute of Technical Education (ITE), enrolled in a culinary course that he spoke passionately to us about.

Hucheng understands that having big dreams is insufficient to make things work, especially when being a non-Singapore citizen has inevitably posed many issues for Hucheng, largely financial issues as he does not qualify for any government assistance schemes for his school fees. Nonetheless, he longs for a chance to complete his education in hope of working towards getting a higher paying job after completing his studies.

Over the years, Hucheng’s relatives have turned to both charitable and religious organisations for help on his school fees. However, there is a cap to the length of support that the donations were able to stretch to continue supporting Hucheng until he completes his course.

Help Needed – Give Hope

Hucheng’s parents are divorced, and his mum has since remarried. His father, who is in his 50s, suffers from some form of mental illness and is unable to work unfortunately. Although Hucheng still keeps in contact with his mother, she does not support him financially due to her own financial constraints. It was difficult for Hucheng to come to terms with his parents’ divorce, yet the 21-year-old never once blamed his parents for what he has been put through.

Hucheng recalled how he was constantly longing for his parents to be by his side when he encountered difficulties or needed someone to speak to. Yet concluding with a smile, the resilient boy told us that he aspires to be a famous chef one day and make his parents proud. We were touched by his determination, largely spurred by his love for his family. Hucheng has an elder brother (27 years old) who is working in China.

Financial Breakdown

As a non-Singaporean, he does not qualify for any government assistance schemes for subsidies on his school fees. He has 3 terms remaining before graduation.

ROHI would like to support 21-year-old Hucheng on his dreams of completing his course and making his parents proud by raising $20,205 for his school fees (S$6,735 per term). The fees of $6,735 (inclusive of GST) for the current term is due on 1st July 2019. Payment will be made directly to the school.

*Hucheng does not qualify for public assistance due to his non-Singaporean citizenship



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