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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Murugiah, 63 years old, had a happy family and was working in the construction line doing piling work, earning about $3,000 a month. Unfortunately, he took to drugs in hope of escaping from the stress that he was facing in his life. Murugiah admits that this mistake has since cost him the relationship with his 37-year-old daughter and 28-year-old son.

Help Needed – Give Hope

While he was incarcerated, Murugiah spent his time reflecting on his mistake and hopes to make up to his two children by salvaging his relationship with them. He has another daughter who has passed away. Murugiah’s wife, 58 years old, has diabetes and had her toes amputated during his incarceration. When the case workers met Murugiah, he broke down as he spoke about his family and told us that he wishes to be a responsible and loving dad to them if he is given the chance.

Murugiah is currently emplaced in a halfway house and will only be discharged in March 2020. Nonetheless, he believes in upgrading himself to make the change and has attended various safety courses as well as a crane operator course. The 63-year-old is slated to start a six-day work as a cleaner in end July and his expected salary is $1,300. Through our conversations with him, we understand that Murugiah’s wife is currently supported by his 37-year-old daughter now that he is not working. He has requested for any form of assistance for groceries to lighten the financial burden of his family.

Financial Breakdown

You can give hope by donating to Murugiah as he starts afresh. Ray of Hope is targeting to raise $500.00 ($250 x 2 months) for the purchase of NTUC vouchers for Murugiah’s family.