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I’m struggling because of my medical needs. I skip my meals so that at least my son gets to eat.”

S$5,090.00 Raised VERIFIED
100% of S$5,090.00
0days to go

Second fundraiser for a helpless caregiver

S$1,600.00 Raised VERIFIED
100% of S$1,600.00
0days to go

Helpless father of a 5-year-old struggles with pain after an accident

S$2,310.00 Raised VERIFIED
100% of S$2,310.00
0days to go

A fall left the 84-year-old traumatized and helpless

S$3,600.00 Raised VERIFIED
100% of S$3,600.00
0days to go

Elderly who is unable to work needs long-term help

S$3,000.00 Raised VERIFIED
100% of S$3,000.00
0days to go

Help a hardworking mother get better!

S$400.00 Raised VERIFIED
100% of S$400.00
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“My back and hands are in pain. I told my employer but they asked me to resign if I am not happy.”

S$1,050.00 Raised VERIFIED
100% of S$1,050.00
0days to go

Help Mr H tide through these difficult times

S$2,365.00 Raised VERIFIED
84% of S$2,800.00
0days to go

Sole breadwinner medically unfit for work, needs to support family of 6

S$1,610.00 Raised VERIFIED
67% of S$2,400.00
0days to go

Your act of kindness would give hope to Mdm Faridah

S$1,285.00 Raised VERIFIED
57% of S$2,250.00
0days to go

Injured migrant worker needs your help!

S$300.00 Raised VERIFIED
40% of S$750.00
0days to go

Help a migrant worker who had stroke!

S$1,900.00 Raised VERIFIED
100% of S$1,000.00
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