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ROH 10th Anniversary - 10 years of giving hope

Ray of Hope was founded in 2012 to provide a platform for others to support individuals in financial distress. We believe that we can do more together than we can alone. In 2018, we were granted charity status, making us Singapore’s first and only organisation that is both a crowdfunding platform and charity. We are also proud to be an Institute of Public Character (IPC) starting from March 2022 – so your support will also qualify for Tax Deduction.

We exist for individuals who fall through the cracks. Vulnerable communities are becoming increasingly dependent on organisations like ours. We fill the gap when all available assistance has been exhausted, so that these families have the opportunity to live a life with dignity and be regarded as equals in the eyes of society.

We’ve made several changes in the last decade within our organisation to meet the demands of the charity sector. As the environment and needs evolved, we realised the benefits of a multi-pronged strategy for doing good and began broadening our activities beyond providing financial assistance. We adopted the strategy of being a connector between our donors, partners, volunteers, and beneficiaries to form an agile ecosystem to go beyond crowdfunding. 

However, developing and growing this ecosystem poses a challenge. Over the years, we have chosen to preserve the sanctity of giving by ensuring 100% of all donations go to beneficiaries. Yet by doing so, it masks the real challenges and complexities of sustaining Ray of Hope as our expenses far outstrip the funds we receive. 

For our 10th anniversary, we humbly ask for your help so we can continue to do our best for the communities we serve. Your funds will go towards funding projects, community engagement events, operations, website maintenance, case management, and other overhead costs such as credit card processing fees. 

Our existence and success, depends greatly on your support. Together, we can build a community of hope.

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Anonymous donated S$49 to Starfish Challenge
4 weeks ago
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1 month ago
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J C donated S$500 to Cycling For Hope
2 months ago
Vee Leung Phan donated S$1,000 to Cycling For Hope
2 months ago
Wow, Lance MarkWong, you made it! Move over, Armstrong, MarkWong did it with pure grit & the kindness in his heart. Thank you, Mark and En, for raising money & awareness for the ones who are often invisible to the world. Congrats for crushing 10,000km! 20,000km for the 51st?
Bi Ying Wong donated S$1,000 to Cycling For Hope
2 months ago
Hooray! Good job En and Mark


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