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Campaign Story


Mdm Azura*, 33 years old, is a resilient, hardworking and loving mother to a 5-year-old son who suffers from Autism. Her son, Haziq*, is non-communicative and has only recently started saying a few words. While he understands instructions, he is unable to verbalise his thoughts and feelings.

Mdm Azura works as an executive and is the main breadwinner of the household. Ray of Hope understands that her husband has colour blindness and has difficulties securing employment. He currently works in food delivery.

The Struggle

Mdm Azura wishes to be able to better understand Haziq’s needs and feelings. Due to his autism, he is not able to verbalise his thoughts and feelings. However, assistive technology will be able to aide Haziq. A tablet installed with TouchChat technology will act as Haziq’s voice and he will be able to communicate with his parents and people around him his needs and feelings.

The tablet costs S$1,475.98 and after relevant subsidies, Mdm Azura has to pay S$241.00. As she is the main breadwinner and most of the financial burden falls on her, she has difficulties paying for the tablet even after the various subsidies.

Give Hope – Help Needed

Ray of Hope is fundraising S$241.00 to help Haziq to be able to communicate with his parents. Ray of Hope will be paying the vendor directly. Please help Haziq find his voice!

* Names have been changed to protect both the mother and son’s identity

* Mdm Azura is not receiving government financial assistance as she has steady employment

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