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Single mum struggles her way to support her children

Mdm Aida, 33 years old, is a single mum to 4 children (9, 6, 5 & 4). She shared with the case workers how she and her children are living from hand to mouth although she is working full-time as a logistics assistant. With her nett salary of $1,400 each month, she budgets between buying groceries to ensuring that there are no outstanding bills. While her divorce is in the process of being finalized, Mdm Aida is looking at downgrading to a 3-room flat so that her children can live in a conducive environment to the best that she is able to afford. With hopes of moving on after her divorce, the frugal mum tries to save up each month for her children’s schooling needs.

Recounting why she decided to file for a divorce, the 33-year-old told us that her husband was not spending time with their children and spent most of his time out of work with his friends, leaving her to manage everything in the household all by herself. The last straw was when he allegedly told their 4-year-old that he (the boy) could stab his siblings if he is being bullied, leaving Mdm Aida enraged when she overheard it. She finally decided to end the marriage which brought negative influence to her growing children. “Can you imagine how I felt? How can an adult tell a child that when it is common for children to fight. I decided it was enough for us. I have to protect my children”, says Mdm Aida.


Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope would like to raise $1,240 to help Mdm Aida with the following:

  • Movers (one-time) – $400
  • Milk & diapers expenses (monthly) – $140 x 6 months


Your donations can support the resilient mum while the family transits into start their new lives!


*Mdm Aida is currently receiving social assistance from Jan to June 2020.



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