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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Balan, 56 years old, was working as a cleaner and was able to support himself with an income of $1,000. With 5 other siblings who are married, Balan had little support from his family when he faced issues in and out of work. Unfortunately, he turned to drugs – a mistake that he deeply regrets till today and hopes to work hard to put the bad chapter behind him to change for the better. Being put away for a good 5 years, Balan hopes to change for the better to start his journey afresh.


Help Balan pick himself up

“I had a flat but it was taken away while I was in prison. I want to change myself to start afresh”, the 56-year-old told us. Adding on, Balan told us that he has underlying medical conditions including urinary tract issues and was recently suspected of being diagnosed with lung issues. Balan, who works as a laundry assistant, leaves for work as early as 5am each day. But what left him demoralized is the lack of understanding from his employer regarding his medical issues which led to the frequent use of washroom.

Nonetheless, Balan does not wish to disappoint his family and hopes to stay employed to support himself. He is also supported by the social workers in the halfway house where he is emplaced, until he gets discharged in July 2020.

Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope is raising $750 ($250 x 3 months) for Balan’s living expenses while he settles in on his new job. Please donate to give hope to Balan!


*Balan is currently not receiving public assistance.


Cyndy Soh

Donated S$50.00 March 19, 2020

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