April 15, 2020

Thank you and we are expanding our reach!

Hi everyone, 

Thank you for donating so generously! We were able to reach our initial target of $100,000 within 5 days.

At the time of writing [14 April 2020, 11:11pm (GMT+8)], the Immediate Needs team had:

  • Utilised $7,406 to provide and deliver 4349 meals between 7 Apr 2020 to 14 Apr 2020;
  • Utilised $4,136 to provide and deliver 5535 masks, sanitary and other daily essential items between 7 Apr 2020 to 14 Apr 2020; and
  • Packed 12,000 sponsored care packs, containing items such as masks, thermometers, hand sanitisers and biscuits.

Besides the provision of meals and daily essential items, the Meaningful Occupational Engagement team and Learning Hub team also:

  • Supported 50 case works
  • Developed a wish-matching platform to match the support sought by employers / dorm operators with donation-in-kind
  • Developed an online one-stop learning hub to engage our migrant friends with resources curated by our team of volunteers and supportive partners
  • Designed a free collection of 8 posters in English, Bengali and Tamil, that the employers and dorm operators can use to explain to their workers more about the Circuit breaker measures and to introduce exercises that promote mental well-being

As mentioned in our campaign story, we expect the needs of our migrant friends to be continuously evolving as the COVID-19 situation develops. At this point, we remain in a critical period with more testing undergoing in foreign worker dormitories. We have increased our fundraising target to $300,000 in order to sustain our coalition’s efforts in preparing for the provision of essential items, such as personal hygiene and sanitary items, as well as mental health resources and activities, to more than 30,000 foreign workers in the dormitories.

A lot of more work lies ahead of us, so we thank you for lending your hand to keep our programmes going. Your donation is more than just a figure, but an acknowledgment of care towards our migrant friends who have been a part of our community. 

For more information on the work that we are currently doing and any other future initiatives, do follow us on our socials.

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