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The Struggle as a Non-Citizen

Ray of Hope previously assisted Madam Yang and raised $1,190 for her living expenses as she is unable to work. Madam Yang has not been in the best state of health since we first met her a year ago. The 79-year-old  often suffers from swollen joints as a result of her arthritis, and her medications for arthritis have resulted in the hardening of her liver. Recently, she is also due for further checks on her throat and neck.

Although Madam Yang has moved to Singapore after her husband passed away many years back in Malaysia, she has been struggling with her daily living expenses despite her daughter and granddaughter both being Singaporeans. As Madam Yang is a Malaysian, she does not qualify for any Singapore public assistance schemes based on her citizenship even though she has been residing in Singapore for a long time.

Madam Yang’s 39 year old daughter suffers from leukaemia and depression, and has been certified unfit for employment. Madam Yang has two other sons (51 and 49) who are both struggling to support their families and children.

Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope would like to raise S$3,000 for Madam Yang’s living expenses for 1 year ($250 x 12 months). Your donations would give hope to a helpless Madam Yang!


*Madam Yang is not receiving any public assistance schemes due to her citizenship

  • September 26, 2019

    1st disbursement made

    The case workers met Mdm Yang yesterday for her cheque disbursement. She confided in us that the monthly assistance has been very helpful as she does not receive any subsidies for her medical bills, and she has been using the funds for her medical needs. Health wise, Mdm Yang's arthritis is getting worse by day, and it is hindering her movements. Her right foot has also been infected over the past few months with no apparent cause of diabetes, and she has had two toe amputations so far. This wor...
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