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Campaign Story

The Struggle

41-year-old Janaed and 39-year-old Jahid took on responsibility of shouldering their family’s debts and were providing for them. While the brothers were working hard to send remittances back home each month, two accidents robbed the brothers of not just their health, but also their ability to support their family of 12 back in Bangladesh.

Help Needed – Give Hope

Jahid, the younger of the two, suffered a fall from the ladder in April 2018 while he was at work. Since the accident, Jahid has been relying on his wheelchair to get around. Since he was unable to continue working in the construction field, he has been unable to send remittances back home. Janid has two daughters aged 11 & 7 years old.

The real struggle came when the family also lost their second breadwinner in an accident. Janaed, who was new to the aircon company where he was working, did not have insurance coverage as the company had not processed his work insurance. Like most migrant workers, Janaed just took this in his stride and continued working day after day while not having proper insurance coverage. Unfortunately, Janaed suffered a bad fall in the chiller room on 8 November 2018. Although the fall was no more than 3 metres, Janaed is now paralysed from the neck downwards. Janaed has two young sons aged 4 & 2 years old.

Janaed used to send the bulk of his income, especially since the family has been relying on his income when Jahid stopped working. However, with both brothers medically unfit to resume work, the family is struggling to make ends meet back home.

Financial Breakdown

Although the family has been trying their best to come to terms with losing their breadwinners, Janaed and Jahid’s elderly parents are distraught about what their sons are being put through. Janaed has just been transferred from the Intensive Care Unit to the High Dependancy Ward recently.

ROHI would like to raise $1,200 ($$300 x 4 months) for Mr Janaed and Mr Jahid’s family during this period. Please donate to give the family of 12 hope! Your donations can alleviate some of the pain that Janaed and his family are going through.

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