Campaign Story


Mdm Huda*, 32 years old, is a mother to 8 children between the ages of 1 – 14 years old. Her 3rd child, Nura*, who is 11 years old, suffers from Global Developmental Delay with 60% hearing loss. She attends a special needs school for a few hours in the afternoon on most weekdays. Nura is only able to understand simple instructions and is entirely dependent on her mother to care for her.

Till today, due to her disability, she uses diapers and her mother showers her and looks after her needs. Her 4th child, Fiqah*, 10 years old, suffered from Kawasaki disease when she was 5 years old and developed a heart condition which is now under control. However, she is unable to participate in CCA activities that are too strenuous, and she tires easily.

The Struggle

Mdm Huda is unable to work due to caregiving duties to her special need’s daughter. Her husband who has primary education works as a pest controller and earns S$1,300 nett per month. The family of 10 currently struggles with his salary and their biggest expenses are groceries, milk powder and diapers. The family has also incurred arrears with SP.

Mdm Huda last worked in 2011 as a production operator and with their combined salary, they were able to survive. However, she had to quit due to caregiving duties of her special needs daughter as her condition is permanent and lifelong.

Give Hope – Help Needed

Ray of Hope would like to raise S$900 (S$300 x 3 months) to defray the family’s groceries, milk powder and diapers expenses. Please give hope to the family as they care for their special needs daughter with a permanent and lifelong condition!

* The family is receiving government financial assistance

* Names have been changed to protect the identity of the special need’s daughter


  • December 16, 2019

    December 2019 Disbursement

    Dear Donors, We have disbursed Mdm Huda's financial disbursement for the month of December 2019.
  • December 9, 2019

    November 2019 Disbursement

    Dear Donors, We have disbursed Mdm Huda's financial disbursement for the month of November 2019.


Donated S$900.00 September 23, 2019

May you continue to put your faith in God.