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Mr D.K, 32 years old, comes from a rural village in Bangladesh. In order to escape poverty and to put his two younger siblings through school, he took a bank loan of S$6,000 in order to work as a construction worker in Singapore. He came to Singapore on the 22nd of April 2018 and less than 1 ½ months later, suffered a workplace related accident on the 6th of June 2018.

The Accident

On the day of the accident, Mr D.K, along with a fellow construction worker was pushing a panel that weigh 100kg and was 1.45 meters long on a platform that was 3 stories off the ground. Both Mr D.K and his fellow colleague had one hand each on the metal bars for support while using the other hand to push the panel along. While pushing the panel, Mr D.K’s left thumb got crushed when the 100kg panel was wedged between his left thumb and the metal bar. Due to the extreme pain of his thumb being crushed by a 100kg panel, he fell backwards where he further sustained cuts on his shoulder and bruising on his back.

It has since been more than 1 year since the accident and in order to continue to support his family, he took a further loan of close to S$8,000. However, as he is unable to repay back the loan, the moneylenders have been harassing his family daily and this has caused Mr D.K significant distress.

Help Needed – Give Hope

Mr D.K is currently living in a rental room shared with 12 other people. His employer has refused to allow him to stay at the dorm while he awaits his compensation claim.

Ray of Hope would therefore like to raise S$680 (S$340 x 2 months) to defray his family’s living expenses in Bangladesh and to also pay for Mr D.K’s rental room fees in Singapore. It has not been easy for Mr D.K and his family so please give them hope!

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of Mr D.K while he awaits the outcome of his compensation.



  • November 4, 2019

    Mr D.K has returned home

    Dear Donors,

    Mr D.K has returned home and the money has been transferred to his brother’s bank account. He is still unable to move his thumb well however, he is finding employment back in his home country while he awaits his compensation.



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Best wishes for everything. May God look after you & your family.



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