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Mr Wang, 39 years old, was supporting his family of five back in China. Unfortunately, he met with a workplace accident when the forklift that he was operating overturned and crushed him. The accident has left Mr Wang permanently disabled due to his cervical cord injury, thus losing his ability to work to support his family altogether. Mr Wang has his elderly parents and a school-going son back home.

Mr Wang’s wife who works as a coffeeshop assistant is now the full-time caregiver to her bedridden husband. Although Mr Wang is due to receive the insurance compensation payout of about $361,000 for his injury, the road ahead for his family remains challenging and uncertain. Mr Wang’s wife would not be able to continue working in order to care for Mr Wang who now requires total assistance for his activities of daily living.

Zhongguo Remittance Pte. Ltd. 长诚中国汇款有限公司 will be doing a dollar-to-dollar matching for every donation made to Mr Wang’s campaign via our platform. Ray of Hope would like to raise $23,200 to support Mr Wang and his family for the following expenses:

  1. Family’s living expenses: SGD1,000 x 12 months = SGD12,000
  2. Son’s school fees: SGD600 x 12 months = SGD7,200
  3. Quarantine fees: SGD3,500
  4. Land ambulance fees: SGD500





希望之光 (Ray of Hope)希望筹集23,200新币来帮助王先生和他的家人:

家庭生活费用: 1,000新币 x 12个月= 12,000新币

儿子的学费: 600新币 x 12个月= 7,200新币

检疫与隔离费用: 3,500新币

救护车费用: 500新币

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