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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Quraiqah is a single unwed mum to her two daughters, 7 and 6. Speaking at their two-room rental flat where they had moved into at the end of last year, Quraiqah told us that getting this new flat is a step forward from where she was a year ago. The 29-year-old works as a relief security officer to support her two kids with an income of $480/month. When asked if she would like to convert to full-time employment, Quraiqah told us that she would like to work full-time so that she could earn a higher income as she she hopes to provide her children with the best that she could afford.

Quoting the single mum, “”Although I only have ‘N’ Levels, but I still want to be a good mum to my children even though it means doing this (supporting my children) all by myself.”


Help Needed – Give Hope

Finances is always an issue to Quraiqah, especially when her children are still young. Furthermore, both of them suffer from various medical conditions. Her older daughter, who is currently attending Primary 1, suffers from asthma, eczema as well as simple febrile fits, while her younger daughter who is attending childcare was diagnosed with mild pulmonary valve stenosis, small to moderate atrial septal defect, chronic cough and allergic rhinitis.

With the help of her social workers, Quraiqah has also applied for assistance from the Social Service Office (SSO) and is receiving $130/month on top of the help rendered on her rent, utilities and town council payment. Nonetheless, Quraiqah has incurred arrears before her social assistance came in place. She is hoping that by clocking more hours at work, she is able to earn more to be able to clear off her arrears soon. She also shared with us that as her children are transferring schools now that they have moved in to their new place, she will have to re-apply for the relevant subsidies that her children were receiving for student care, childcare and additional therapy sessions that her younger daughter is required to attend.


Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope would like to raise $1,600 ($400 x 4 months) to help Quraiqah with her groceries expenses while she works on saving up to clear her arrears incurred before her public assistance came in place.


*Quraiqah is receiving public assistance.


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