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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Since a second knee operation, Mdm Halijah, 67 years old, spends most of her time visiting the doctors to follow up on her medical conditions. She suffers from multiple illness – diabetes, high cholesterol, cataract and severe breathlessness. She is now also suspected of having kidney issues and is due for more tests and checks. She also has difficulties getting around as she often feels dizzy and light headed. This has led Mdm Halijah to staying in her one room rental flat on most days when she does not have any appointments.

The 67 year old has lost count of the number of pills that she has to take every day just to sustain life and get through her day.


Help Needed – Give Hope

Because of the massive amount of pills she has to take, she often experiences severe side effects that make it difficult to get by. The pain at her spine causes her to lose sleep every night as she frequently experiences short sharp pains that make it difficult to stand or sit for long. Her failing knees also make it difficult for her to get around.  The 67 year old is currently relying on the combined assistance of $260 from a religious organisation as well as a foundation to get by. Unfortunately, that amount is barely sufficient, especially when she can only take a cab for her medical appointments. Mdm Halijah could only make do with the little she has. She confided in us that on most days, she only get by with just one meal of maggie mee just to make ends meet.

Mdm Halijah enjoys cooking and baking a lot, and used to owe a food stall where she spends her time managing it with her husband. When her husband passed away more than 10 years ago, she gave up on her food stall after she was unable to keep up with the stall rental and other expenses. The 67-year-old then took on cooking jobs, but ultimately stopped working when she was due for her spinal surgery. She also underwent an operation for her left knee, and subsequently her right knee gave way and she had to undergo a surgery in 2017. Since then, Mdm Halijah could not continue working and relied on her savings, which eventually depleted after all these years.

Mdm Halijah has 2 biological sons. Her eldest son has passed on and her second son broke off contact with her and has not called or texted her since he left home in 2015. She also has an adopted son who is currently residing in Malaysia, whom she visits occasionally. She no longer keeps in contact with her siblings since she was unable to visit them during Hari Raya back in 2017 after her knee operation.

Despite what she is fighting against every day, Mdm Halijah believes in tackling one day at a time. Even with the little she has to offer, Mdm Halijah occasionally tries to bake and cook for other elderly in the senior activity centre near her place as she knows exactly how it feels like to have no social or family support. Her positivity struck a chord in us and Ray of Hope is looking to assist her with groceries expenses and arrears.

Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope would like to raise $1,648.80 for Mdm Halijah’s living expenses ($250 x 6 months) and rent and town council arrears ($148.80). Payment for the arrears will be made to the various agencies directly.

  • September 24, 2019

    1st disbursement made to Mdm Halijah

    The case workers visited Mdm Halijah for her first disbursement yesterday! Mdm Halijah wishes to thank the donors for reaching out to her as she is currently not receiving any SSO assistance currently. She updated us that with the recent Silver Support payout, she has managed to clear her outstanding HDB and town council arrears, and her bills have been paid up todate. In spite of her financial difficulties, Mdm Halijah is trying her best to be self-resilient and to pick herself up even in the m...
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  • August 24, 2019

    Happy Birthday Mdm Halijah!

    A sponsor and her family recently celebrated Mdm Halijah's birthday. It was a memorable celebration for Mdm Halijah who was not celebrated her birthday for the past 10 years. Our heartfelt thanks to the sponsor for putting the smile on Mdm Halijah's face! :)


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