June 14, 2021

Extended campaign and raised crowdfunding goal

We are so thankful that our $10,000 goal has been reached!

To date, we have distributed 1141 hawker orders to 941 migrant brothers living in dormitories all over Singapore. We spent $5004 in orders and have supported 9 hawkers from various food centers located at the Central Business District (CBD) — Amoy Street Food Centre, Market Street Interim Food Centre, Lau Pa Sat, Chinatown Complex, Maxwell Food Centre and Seah Im Food Centre.

Our migrant brothers got to taste a variety of delicious food from different cultures. Food ranging from nasi lemak to naan to nasi kuning to chili lala in chilli crab sauce were delivered to our migrant brothers. They loved our local hawker food and one of them commented, “Before I always eat Bangladesh makan, Bangladesh food so I never try Singapore or Indonesian food. Today my friend give me makan so I try. This is very awesome, tasty also and very nice. Before, I no makan this so I don’t know this Singaporean food so tasty.”

The hawkers also benefited from the bulk orders and they expressed their gratitude for the orders. TODAY interviewed one of the hawkers: https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/musicians-initiative-supports-struggling-hawkers-provides-migrant-workers#.YMYVX2f5ztI.whatsapp

However, we note the rising number of covid19 cases and the possibility of a review of dine-in. It is also uncertain when office workers will be able to return back to the CBD and we think that hawkers will continue to struggle. In response, we have extended our We-Eat initiative to the end of July and raised our crowdfunding goal from $10K to $20K. We hope to continue supporting our hawkers, uncovering their stories, and at the same time, allow our migrant brothers in the dormitories to taste our hawker food.

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