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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Mr Ravi, 53 years old, used to work as a taxi driver, bringing home around $3,000 a month to support his family and 78-year-old mother. With the income that he was drawing, the 53-year-old had no worries about making ends meet for his family. Unfortunately, he came into contact with drugs under the influence of his friends. The final straw that made him determined to break away from drugs was seeing how amidst their disappointment and sadness when Mr Ravi was last incarcerated for 5 years, yet his family still chose to stand by him.

Help Needed – Give Hope 

When the case workers met Mr Ravi, he told us how he regrets turning to drugs and how it almost tore his family apart. Mr Ravi’s wife who works as a lab assistant and earns only around $1,000 a month is currently supporting the family with her salary. They also have two daughters aged 30 and 26 who are currently seeking employment to help with the family’s finances, especially when the family has an outstanding housing loan of around $30,000 left unrepaid.

Mr Ravi shared that he was emplaced in the halfway house since February 2019 and will only be discharged in February 2020. The 53-year-old told us that through the discriminations he faced, he has learnt that drugs are never the way to go because one always ends up living in regret. He hopes to be given a second chance to lead his life right and be with his family again. He is keen to attend safety courses so that he can work as a hired driver when he is discharged from the halfway house. He also told us that he is thankful that his family is willing to forgive him for the mistakes that he has made and provide him with the support that he was seeking.

Financial Breakdown

Through our conversations with him, we can feel that it is not easy acknowledging a mistake made and wanting to make a change for the better, and we applaud Mr Ravi’s courage for taking the first step to make that change!

Ray of Hope would like to raise $750 ($250 x 3 months) for Mr Ravi’s living expenses as he works towards improving himself.

*Mr Ravi is not receiving any SSO assistance.


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