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Campaign Story

The Struggle

There is no doubt being a single parent is hard, but many a times, the perspective one adopts also shapes the parenting experience and makes it a bit easier. From Mdm Juliana, ROHI’s case workers learnt how positivity and her close knitted relationship with her children has allowed her to get through these turbulences in life. She told us that no matter how tough the going gets, she is thankful that she still has her kids with her and that she believes if they scrimp and save, they can get by. Her husband was incarcerated when she was carrying her 5th child and Mdm Juliana told us how she felt so helpless and disappointed at that point of time. Without the sole breadwinner, Mdm Juliana and her 5 children are struggling to make ends meet today and are concerned about moving forward as her husband will only be released in September 2019.

Give Hope

Mdm Juliana does not have a place to stay now and is currently putting up at her ex-husband’s place for the time being.  She is looking to apply for a HDB rental flat for her 5 kids but finances are a concern. The single mum told us how her life has been in a mess since her husband got incarcerated. Her husband has been incarcerated when she was pregnant and carrying her 5th child. She was left to juggle with everything from the pregnancy, to finances and taking care of the other children. She told us how helpless and alone she felt at that point of time. She was also disappointed with her husband as she thought he would change for the better especially when she had given him a second chance. Mdm Juliana struggled bringing up the kids but she knew life has to go forward as her youngest is only 5 months old and her other kids are 3, 5, 9 and 11 years old respectively.

Financial Breakdown

ROHI would like to raise $1400.00 ($350 x 4 months) to support the single mum and her 5 children with living arrears! Please give hope to the single mum as she tries to get her life back together.

*Mdm Juliana is currently not receiving any public assistance and is in the process of applying for one.

Donated S$1,150.00 June 13, 2019