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Covid-19 Migrant Support Coalition

S$899,591.88 Raised VERIFIED
90% of S$1,000,000.00
196days to go

Your donations would give a humble sole breadwinner hope!

S$2,300.00 Raised VERIFIED
78% of S$2,952.00
104days to go

Your donation can go a long way to supporting Rasul’s family as they continue to care for him for life

S$2,286.00 Raised VERIFIED
76% of S$3,000.00
135days to go

Send some hope to Mdm Sulia and her family

S$2,150.00 Raised VERIFIED
72% of S$3,000.00
43days to go

Help Wen Wen rebuild her life!

S$1,095.00 Raised VERIFIED
66% of S$1,650.00
165days to go

Support Aaron’s family with their living expenses

S$1,455.00 Raised VERIFIED
66% of S$2,200.00
74days to go

Your donations can help Faruk and his family of 8!

S$1,340.00 Raised VERIFIED
64% of S$2,100.00
12days to go

Homeless Giving Circle

S$11,582.00 Raised VERIFIED
58% of S$20,000.00

Support a single mother with her daughter’s milk and diapers

S$1,120.00 Raised VERIFIED
56% of S$2,000.00
12days to go

“I want to be successful as a chef to make my parents proud”

S$11,640.00 Raised VERIFIED
55% of S$21,333.66
104days to go

Penny University x Ray of Hope

S$2,725.00 Raised VERIFIED
55% of S$5,000.00
1days to go

Help Mdm Shikin with 7 children while she looks for full-time employment

S$1,370.00 Raised VERIFIED
53% of S$2,608.00
12days to go