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Soap for Singapore

S$2,770.00 Raised VERIFIED
9% of S$30,000.00
7days to go

Help Mike complete the last lap of his ITE course

S$3,221.00 Raised VERIFIED
31% of S$10,500.00
7days to go

Help Melvin live in a more conducive living environment

S$4,417.00 Raised VERIFIED
32% of S$13,746.00
7days to go

Help keep Mdm Maryam’s children in school while she straightens her finances

S$1,587.00 Raised VERIFIED
40% of S$4,000.00
7days to go

He hasn’t been paid in over a year and is still seeking a resolution

S$2,198.00 Raised VERIFIED
46% of S$4,750.00
7days to go

Your act of kindness would give hope to Mdm Faridah

S$1,185.00 Raised VERIFIED
53% of S$2,250.00
7days to go

Hongbao For Hope 2021

S$2,653.00 Raised VERIFIED
34% of S$7,880.00
23days to go

Here With You

S$1,501.21 Raised VERIFIED
4% of S$40,000.00
35days to go

Sole breadwinner with an eye injury hopes to send his younger siblings back to school

S$1,280.00 Raised VERIFIED
36% of S$3,600.00
35days to go

Help their family as both parents seek new employment

S$1,033.00 Raised VERIFIED
43% of S$2,400.00
35days to go

Help a struggling family through this tough period

S$1,199.00 Raised VERIFIED
48% of S$2,500.00
35days to go

Help an injured worker care for his family back home

S$1,614.25 Raised VERIFIED
58% of S$2,800.00
35days to go