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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Due to her weaker immune system, Mdm Teo, 67, spends most of her time visiting the doctors to follow up on her medical conditions. She suffers from multiple illness – heart disease, cholesterol, skin issues, gastric problems, hearing impairment etc. She also has difficulties getting around as she often feels dizzy and light headed. This has led Mdm Teo to staying in her one room rental flat on most days when she does not have any appointments.

The 67 year old has lost count of the number of pills that she has to take every day just to sustain life and get through her day.

Give Hope

Because of the massive amount of pills she has to take, she often experiences severe side effects that makes it difficult to get by. The pain at her back also causes her to lose sleep every night as she frequently experiences short sharp pains that makes it difficult to sleep. The 67 year old is currently not on public assistance and is reliant solely on her CPF payout of $524 to get by. Unfortunately, that amount is barely sufficient, especially when she can only take a cab for her medical appointments. Mdm Teo could only make do with the little she has. She confided in us that on most days, she only get by with just one meal just to make ends meet.

Nonetheless, despite what she is fighting against every day, Mdm Teo believes in taking baby steps and tackling one day at a time. Her positivity struck a chord in us and Ray of Hope is looking to assist her with food arrears and her transportation needs for her medical appointments.

Financial Breakdown

ROHI would like to raise $400.00 for 4 months ($150 for transport and $250 for food/ month) to help Mdm Teo while she seeks social assistance support.

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