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Campaign Story


Mdm Hajijah is 73 years old this year. Due to her advanced age, she is unable to work as she is frail and in poor health. Mdm Hajijah suffers from diabetes and hypertension and requires regular medical check-ups. At her age, most people would have retired and would be happily anticipating their grandchildren visiting them over the weekends. However, for Mdm Hajijah, she is the main caretaker for her two grandchildren, a grandson who is 15 years old and her granddaughter who is 11 years old.

Her son, who is the father of the two children, has migrated to Malaysia following his divorce and has left the caregiving of his two children entirely to his frail and elderly mother. Her grandchildren’s mother has cut off all contact and has not seen her children in years. Mdm Hajijah informs us that his son does not provide any financial assistance to their upbringing and has limited contact with his children. Her son also does not enquire about their wellbeing.

The Struggle

Madam Hajijah is in poor health. She is constantly ill and is no longer strong. However, she still wholeheartedly and devotedly cares for her two grandchildren who calls her ‘Mak’, which means mother in Malay. As she is unable to work she is struggling financially and money is a constant source of worry for Mdm Hajijah.

The family of 3 is currently living in a small rental flat. Her two grandchildren are active in school and consume a lot of food like any teenager their age. Mdm Hajijah’s two grandchildren are young and it will be many more years to go before they are financially independent. By then, Mdm Hajijah would be in her mid-80s.

Give Hope- Help Needed

Caring for two teenage grandchildren at such an advanced age is extremely difficult especially with limited financial resources.

Ray of Hope is therefore raising S$1,200 (S$200 x 6 months) to defray the cost of their living expenses. Please give hope to Mdm Hajijah as she continues to care for her innocent grandchildren at such an advanced age.

* Mdm Hajijah will be applying for SSO’s financial assistance

* ROHI used to assist Mdm Hajijah in 2017

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