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Single Mother Came to Singapore to Escape Poverty

Mdm Liyah*, 36 years old, is a single mother to a 15-year-old son. Her husband walked out on them when their son was only 2 years old. She was also looking after her elderly mother. Being the sole breadwinner, and in order to provide a better life for her son and mother, on July 2016, she left her village in rural Indonesia to work as a domestic worker in Singapore.

Abused while Working in Singapore

Life in Singapore was not what Mdm Liyah expected. She informs us that she was repeatedly abused by her female employer. Over the 2 ½ months she was working for the family, Mdm Liyah informs us that she was allegedly repeatedly hit by various household items including a stainless-steel bowl and a cordless phone and had hot water thrown on her. She was also allegedly forced to smell the urination of the employer’s 4-year-old son.

Escaping Abuse

Mdm Liyah informs us that she finally escaped on the 24th of September 2016. In the early morning before the escape, Mdm Liyah was allegedly beaten across the mouth area which caused her to bleed. When her female employer left the house at 8.30am, no longer able to stand the abuse, she fled the house.

Your Giving can Help her Family!

Mdm Liyah has gone to court to testify against her abusive employer. She is expected to return home as early as Middle of March. Her son and elderly mother have been struggling and this has caused significant stress to Mdm Liyah.

Ray of Hope would like to raise S$800 to defray the family’s living expenses. Once Mdm Liyah returns home she will be finding employment however, during this period, her son and elderly mother requires urgent assistance. Please give hope to Mdm Liyah and her dependents.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of Mdm Liyah

*100% of targeted funds raised will be disbursed to our beneficiaries. Any excess funds raised will be used for our beneficiaries facing an emergency.





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