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The struggles of an abused, helpless mother of 3

Rose**, 33 years old, is a mother to three young children aged 5, 2 & 1. When she was relating her story to the case workers, she cited countless incidents when her husband would verbally and physically abuse her when the family of 5 was still staying in their 3-room flat. Rose told us how her husband would wake the kids up and blast music in the wee hours after he gets home from work, and often returns home drunk and in a bad mood. Despite being the only one in the family who is working, Rose’ s husband was a compulsive gambler and did not provide Rose or their children with any financial support. Out of desperation, Rose often turns to her mum and her extended family for assistance on the family’s groceries and the kids’ milk and diapers as she is currently unable to work due to her caregiving duties. Rose’s mum is currently supporting Rose’s elder brother who is visually impaired.

It was not an easy decision for Rose to get out of the abusive relationship. After all she was trapped in the marriage and confined to the four walls of the house ever since she got married when her husband had prevented her from working after they got married. She confided in us and told us how she was afraid to leave him because she feels helpless and is unaware of any help that exists in the community. The 33-year-old tolerated his actions for the sake of her children and thought that things would change for the better one day. Unfortunately, things got out of hand since August 2019, and soon after, Rose found herself moving from shelter to shelter, prioritising her kids’ safety way over hers after her husband tries to hunt them down.

Rose, who is in the midst of filing for a divorce, is currently residing in a shelter home with her 3 children. After leaving home, she is left helpless without any financial resources to help her move on. During this period, Rose has also applied for a Personal Protection Order (PPO) against her husband, as well as a Child Protection Order (CPO) for her children. The resilient mum told us that she hopes that there will be some closure to her situation so that she is able to move on with her three children.


Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope would like to support Rose by raising $2,400 ($400 x 6 months) to defray her groceries and children’s needs while she awaits results for her divorce and application for public assistance. Please give hope to this resilient single mum!


*Rose is currently not receiving any public assistance.


**Name of client has been changed to protect the identities of the client and her children.


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