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Campaign Story

Abutaher first came to work in Singapore in November 2006. He worked for 12 years as a general worker at a shipyard before returning to Bangladesh for a year. In 2019, he returned to Singapore and worked for a few months before the Covid-19 pandemic hit Singapore. He started working again in June 2020 for 7 months before he met with an accident.

The Accident

On 29th January 2021, Abutaher was doing drilling and mounting work atop a ladder when he felt a stabbing pain in his back. He was in the process of coming down when he fell off from the ladder, injuring his back and right leg. Although he was brought to the hospital immediately, his employer had refused to let him be hospitalised when the doctors wanted him to stay for observation. He is currently still on MC and it ends on 19 August 2021. Till today, Abutaher still experiences pain and discomfort in his back and leg. Presently, he is moving about with the help of a walking stick.

The 36-year-old breadwinner used to remit the bulk of what he was earning home each month to his family. Abutaher’s father had passed away many years back, and his mother had recently passed on due to her ailing health. Abutaher’s elder and younger brothers are both working to support their families, while his younger sister is a housewife. Abutaher is also married and has a 5-year-old.

Abutaher is worried about the finances at home while he is working towards recovery, by attending regular physiotherapy sessions. He hopes to return to work so that he can continue supporting his family. Ray of Hope would like to raise $2,310 ($770 x 3 months) to support Abutaher and his family for the next 3 months as he works towards recovery. 


*Ray of Hope case workers have cited the medical documents provided by Abutaher. However, they will not be published as he is currently for a re-assessment for his injuries. 

  • August 11, 2021

    1st disbursement to Abutaher

    Ray of Hope will be making the first disbursement of $770 to Abutaher this week, and will catch up with him soon!