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Campaign Story

Adopt-a-Bento is a community movement organised by The Saturday Movement, a non-profit organisation
and The Peranakan restaurant.

Since April, Adopt-a-Bento has delivered more than 10,000 Sedap-a-licious (delicious and nutritious) Peranakan Meals to a hospital staffers working both frontline and behind-the-scenes, as well as vulnerable elderly poor living in rental flats around Singapore.

Saying Thanks to our Front liners

Many hospital personnel such as pharmacists, radiographers, housekeepers and cleaners are working long hours behind-the-scenes in backroom operations, selflessly sacrificing their personal time and health to support Singapore’s fight against COVID-19.   Some even cut down on their lunch hour or personal break time to get more work done.

We’re sending them a Thank You in the best way we can, with hearty Nyonya Bento.  Sets comprising dishes like Chap Chye, Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Ayam Buah Keluak, Chicken Pongteh, Nyonya Curry Chicken, homemade Sambal Timun, Achar and our signature Bunga Telang (Blue Pea Flower) Thai Rice, all made with lots of TLC and no MSG.   All meals include Gula Melaka Bubble Milk Tea or Bunga Telang Tea as a sweet treat to uplift their spirits for going that extra mile.

Helping our fellow Singaporeans

In addition to hospital staffers, many elderly poor and ex-Sungei Road Vendors living in rental flats have been adversely affected by social distancing and Circuit Breaker measures, facing additional stress on their daily income, health and mental well-being. Adopt-a-Bento provides almost 500 meals (Halal and non-Halal) to this group each week, ensuring their overall well-being and assuring them that they have not been forgotten and will not be left behind in times of crisis.

How You Can Help

In adversity we must step up, reach out and do more and ‘Feed Love Back’, in this time of crisis to those most in need of support from their fellow citizens.

Each donation of $5 per Bento Box and $2 per Bubble Tea goes towards covering the cost of ingredients, manpower and delivery of the meals. The retail price of each Peranakan Bento box and bubble tea is usually $15 and $5 respectively.

Thank you for your part in making sure No One Is Left Behind in our fight against COVID-19! Your contribution towards our goal of $50,000 will share the heartwarming flavours of true blue Peranakan cooking with our most deserving beneficiaries.

To view our daily delivery updates – https://www.facebook.com/groups/adoptabento

About Ray of Hope

100% of your donations through Ray of Hope goes to people in need. We do not take a cut from the funds. We even cover the 3rd party credit card charges, if you choose not to, that other crowdfunding platforms deduct from your donation for campaigns.

100% of all campaigns are also fully verified, so you know your funds goes to real people with real needs.

We take donor accountability very seriously – with yearly audited accounts and strong governance in place to ensure that your donations is properly channeled to the beneficiaries.

Ray of Hope is a registered charity and a member of the National Council of Social Services.



Donated S$2.50 September 20, 2020



Donated S$350.00 September 16, 2020


Satya Sai Baba Shree

Donated S$4.00 September 14, 2020



Donated S$2.00 September 06, 2020


Ken Chye

Donated S$50.00 September 05, 2020


Lynette Hilton

Donated S$100.00 August 05, 2020

Great work helping the less fortunate, as Jesus did.



Donated S$70.00 August 01, 2020


Ray Khoo

Donated S$1,000.00 July 31, 2020

thank you for this kind opportunity to contribute - from Joyce


Lauren Tan

Donated S$100.00 July 28, 2020

Thank you for doing good and inspiring good!


Ray Khoo

Donated S$500.00 July 03, 2020

i am so pleased to be part of this initiative. Raphael Liang


Lilane Lau

Donated S$100.00 June 30, 2020


Janet Tan

Donated S$100.00 June 27, 2020

Jia Yu!!!



Donated S$350.00 June 26, 2020

Jesus is good ...


Shannon Tay

Donated S$70.00 June 24, 2020


Jeannette Chan

Donated S$50.00 June 24, 2020

Thank you Ray and team for providing this ray of hope with such delicious food! God bless you all :-)

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