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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Saddam, 28 years old, was moving 150kg concrete blocks with another worker when he felt something gave in his back while he was bending down. The helpless worker howled and sat in pain after informing the officer in charge at the work site. He went to see a doctor but was told to come back the next day due to the lateness of day. When he arrived the next day, he learned that his appointment had been cancelled by his boss. His boss told him to come back and he would be assigned light duties but he wasn’t. Saddam was given a total of 120 days of medical leave with no MC wages paid.

Back home, Saddam’s family was forced to move out of where they were residing when Saddam’s uncle allegedly ran off after selling Saddam’s grandfather’s properties, leaving them helpless. With his family staying in a rental and running the risk of losing their shelter if they could not keep up with the payment, it is very unsettling for Saddam who is working hard to provide for his family back in Bangladesh.

Help Needed – Give Hope

Before the accident, Saddam used to earn about S$500 a month without overtime pay, and between S$800-$900 a month with overtime hours. Being the eldest among his siblings, Saddam took on the responsibility of supporting his family of 5. Since the accident, Saddam experiences pain on his spine and back, and can no longer carry heavy weights. This means that he could no longer work at construction sites. Nonetheless, Saddam is eager to get well, and attends monthly physiotherapy sessions offered by the migrant worker advocacy organisation.

The 28-year-old is worried about not being able to send remittances home as he did before the accident. Although he has fully repaid his agent fees of S$8,500  that he undertook in order to come to Singapore to work, he has an unpaid debt of about S$3,000 which he took since his accident on 29 June 2018 after he was unfit for work.

Financial Breakdown

Saddam’s meals are currently provided for by a migrant worker advocacy organisation. Since his accident, Saddam has approached the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to seek compensation from his employer, and he understands that it will take months before MOM reverts to him with an answer.

Hence, ROHI wishes to raise S$435 to defray Saddam’s living expenses ($145 x 3 months) while he waits for the outcome of his compensation by MOM. Your donations would bring comfort to the helpless worker and his family!

*Ray of Hope case workers have cited medical documents provided by Saddam. However, they will not be published as he is currently awaiting closure on his MOM compensation.

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