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Catty** was previously imprisoned for substance and alcohol abuse in 2010. The 55-year-old shared that she was under overwhelming stress and turned to drugs in an attempt to attain temporary relief from her problems. After her release in 2018, she was determined to turn over a new leaf and change for the better. Since July 2019, Catty has been attending a support group to encourage other addicts to overcome their drug addiction.

However, Catty admits that it has been an uphill battle since her release. As she is not in good terms with her immediate family members, she now lives alone in a one-room rental flat. Catty was also diagnosed with depression and is now certified medically unfit for work till December 2021. Hence, she now relies on financial assistance from SSO and MUIS. Unfortunately, the assistance given is barely sufficient for her daily expenses. Catty could only make do with whatever she has.

Catty expressed her concerns regarding internet access as her support group has shifted to conduct their sessions online due to the Covid-19 restrictions. She now uses her mobile data to attend these sessions. She shared that the support group provides her with the emotional support she needs and helps her stay motivated. Catty has also attended a social media marketing course recently to upskill herself. She hopes to join the workforce once she is medically certified fit for employment.

Ray of Hope would like to raise $1,800 ($300 x 6 months) to help Catty defray her groceries expenses while she renews her SSO assistance which ended in May. 

*Catty’s  SSO assistance has ended in May 2021 and is pending renewal.

**Name has been changed to protect client’s indentity.

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