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Campaign Story

Ray of Hope has previously assisted Hashim with his school and food expenses. The caseworkers visited the 17-year-old boy and were heartened to spot a wide grin on his face when he saw us. Hashim, who is diagnosed with multiple medical conditions including Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy, neurogenic bladder, mild left non-obstructive renal, bilateral undescended testes, chronic constipation and global developmental delay since birth, requires lifetime medication and treatment even if the hope of getting well seems bleak.

His mum, 43-year-old Madam Kamariah, told us that it has not been easy caring for Hashim, who is the youngest among his siblings. Hashim has two older brothers aged 20 and 18. With his medical conditions, Hashim needs the support of his mum out of time that he spends in school. Hashim is currently attending a Special Needs School. In spite of his disabilities, Hashim has always been a cheerful boy who has over time, learnt to express his likes and dislikes as part of growing up. At our visit last year, we were told that Hashim has been relatively weak in health and was constantly in and out of the hospital. However, his health has finally picked up after a change in his medication, and he has been adapting well since then!

Unfortunately, Hashim’s dad has been struggling with his heart issues. 48-year-old Mr Mohamad works as a cargo operator, bringing home about $1,500 a month. Being the sole breadwinner of the family also places him under tremendous stress as he struggles with other medical conditions such as heart issues and a complete heart blockage, severe sleep disorder, severe breathlessness. He also underwent surgery for a Permanent Pacemaker (PPM) Insertion in his body.

Due to his medical conditions, Mr Mohamad has been unable to clock more overtime hours. The family is currently struggling with the food and sundry expenses, as well as Hashim’s diapers and soft food, estimated to amount to $150 a month.

Financial Breakdown

Madam Kamariah’s family is currently receiving MUIS assistance of S300 (cash). However, the family is struggling with their other expenses including the pocket money allowances for their two older boys who are currently in ITE. The family also has other living arrears totalling to around $1,140.

Therefore, ROH would like to raise $1,600 ($400 x 4 months) to defray family’s expenses for Hashim’s diapers and soft food ($150) and groceries ($250). Your kind contribution will go a long way towards giving hope to Hashim and his family!

  • September 30, 2019

    Final disbursement

    Mdm Kamariah updated us recently that her husband was hospitalized last week due to sudden breathlessness when he was at work. As such, he has been unable to clock more overtime hours too. On the other hand, Hashim is coping well in school and there is no further deterioration of…
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  • August 30, 2019

    3rd disbursement

    When the case workers met Mdm Kamariah for her disbursement, she shared that while Hashim's health has improved tremendously, she is worried about her husband's health as his breathlessness has been acting up quite frequently. When he gets breathless, he is unable to clock more overtime hours. The family is…
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  • July 30, 2019

    2nd disbursement

    The case workers met Mdm Kamariah for her 2nd disbursement. Thank you donors!
  • June 30, 2019

    1st disbursement

    Mdm Kamariah has received the first disbursement of $400. The family is thankful for the assistance rendered as the employment for Mdm Kamariah's husband has been unstable due to his ailing health. Thank you donors for giving hope to the family of 5!
  • June 30, 2019

    Raya for Hope Campaign

    Mdm Kamariah was one of the identified recipients of the Raya for Hope campaign and we have raised a total of $659 for her family! The funds have been disbursed to her and she shared that the amount has been helpful for the family's preparations.

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