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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Mdm Meredith*, 44 years old, is the main caretaker of her daughter, 9 years old, who suffers from dyslexia. Her daughter has difficulties coping with school due to her condition and attends an after-school programme for students with dyslexia where she is taught literacy at her own pace.

Life for Mdm Meredith has not been easy. She had a very difficult and prolonged divorce and her ex-husband has not been providing her with spousal maintenance. She is also estranged from her immediate Singaporean family and has very little contact with them. As a PR, Mdm Meredith and her daughter struggle to find a roof over their head and currently lives in a transitional shelter with no proper place to call their own.

Help Needed- Give Hope

Mdm Meredith is currently working part-time as an admin assistant and earns less than S$500 per month. As a single mother to a special needs daughter, Mdm Meredith has to be home in the afternoon to care for her daughter as she is unable to afford an aftercare school and as she is isolated from her Singaporean family there is no one that she can depend on to care for her daughter while she works.

They are also struggling financially as her daughter’s dyslexic programme fees are expensive. Her daughter requires the added assistance of the programme as she would otherwise be unable to cope with school.

Mdm Meredith is determined to find full-time employment where she is able to better support her daughter. Once she has found full-time employment she plans to enrol her daughter into an aftercare school and find a more permanent housing solution where the environment is more conducive and stable for her daughter.

Financial Breakdown

Mdm Meredith is actively going for interviews and during this period, she struggles financially. Most of her salary is used to pay for her daughter’s programme fee and she is left with very little for their living expenses.

ROHI would, therefore, like to raise S$750 (S$250 x 3 months) for Mdm Meredith’s and her daughter’s living expenses while she actively searches for full-time employment. Being a single mother and caring for a special needs child alone is not easy so please help the resilient mother through this very worrying period so that she can concentrate on finding full-time employment.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of Mdm Meredith as she continues to resiliently cares for her special needs daughter.

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