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Ali* is a resilient and brave 12-year-old boy. He is the son of Mdm Maryam, whom we used to help. Ali, his older sister and his mother were all victims of domestic violence as his father, a compulsive gambler, was physically and verbally abusive towards him and his family. After his mother, Mdm Maryam fled the family home, they stayed in a shelter for more than a year, before returning to their house after his mother applied for a court order to evict her abusive husband. When Ali and his family finally returned home, he was shocked to learn that his father has not been paying for the electricity bills, conservancy charges and the home mortgage. As his mother is now the main occupant of the flat, she was forced to take on the debts incurred by SP, Town Council and a local bank.

The Struggle

Life has not been easy for Ali who is a PR citizen. He was born in Singapore and has lived his whole life here. Singapore is the only home he has ever known, and he will be serving NS once he reaches 18. Ali is currently in primary 6 and is due to sit for his PSLE at the end of the year.

His mother, Mdm Maryam, is currently working hard as a packer for a company, working 12 hours a day. She does not earn much and struggles to afford his education fees as she is still repaying the debts incurred by her estranged husband. His monthly school fees are S$386 per month and there is an outstanding school fee.

Mdm Maryam has been informed that Ali would not be able to get his PSLE certification if she does not clear the outstanding school fee. Without the certification, Ali would not be able to attend secondary school, and this will have a negative impact on his future as a proper education is the only way out of poverty.

Give Hope – Help Needed

Ray of Hope would like to raise S$2,149 to clear off Ali’s education arrears. Mdm Maryam is currently striving her best to provide for Ali and his sister. She has taken to renting a room out in order to pay for their education fees and repaying back the debts owned, however, she is unable to clear off the school arrears. Mdm Maryam is worried that Ali would not be able to enter secondary school, and this is a huge source of worry for her. Please help Ali as every child in Singapore deserves a good education and a good start in life!

  • April 10, 2019

    School Arrears Paid

    Dear Donors, Thank you for your kind donations. We have paid the school directly to clear Mr Ali's school arrears. He is now able to study without having much worries.

Donated S$193.00 September 05, 2019

Donated S$2,149.00 April 03, 2019