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Mdm Farah* is a 43-year-old mother to 4 children between the ages of 10 years old to 22 years old. Her eldest son who is 22 years old is currently serving National Service. Mdm Farah informs us that her 54-year-old husband has difficulties urinating and until September 2019 was using a caterer and a urine bag. Due to his condition, he experiences pain and is unable to work full time. He works as a part time mover earning less than S$800 a month.

The Struggle

 Mdm Farah suffers from bone spur on her foot and it has recently spread to her spine causing pain when she stands for long periods of time. She also suffers from bilateral heel pain and bilateral plantar fasciitis which causes her stabbing pain when she walks. Despite her illness and stabbing pain on her foot and spine she works as a cashier at a supermarket where she stands for 8 hours per shift. At the end of her shift the pain she experiences are severe, but she still perseveres on as her job is stable and provides a steady income for the household. She earns less than S$1,400 gross as a cashier and the amount can support her children with the basic necessities.

Under the advice of her Orthopedic, in order to relief the pain on her foot, she has been advised to purchase compression socks and a special shoe which would relief some of the pain. With her salary, Mdm Farah has difficulties purchasing the compression socks and shoe.

Give Hope – Help Needed

 Ray of Hope would like to raise S$400 to aid Mdm Farah with the purchasing of the compression socks and special shoes. Despite Mdm Farah’s illnesses, she works diligently as a cashier standing for 8 hours a day in order to give her children a good life. Please give hope to Mdm Farah and aide her in her work!

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of Mdm Farah

* Client is receiving government financial assistance




Donated S$400.00 November 20, 2019

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