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“Whenever I ask him for some money, he would hit me. Even when I am pregnant, he still hits me” – Mdm Shidah


Mdm Shidah*, 33 years old, is currently pregnant with her third child. She is 3 ½ months pregnant and she has two other children, a son who is 9 years old and a daughter who is 8 years old. Mdm Shidah was born in India and in 2007, at the age of 20 years old, she was forced to marry her Singaporean cousin in an arranged marriage.

Mdm Shidah informs us that her husband has been physically abusive towards her throughout their marriage. She also informs us that there have been instances where her husband has physically abused their children. In January this year, even when she is pregnant with their third child, Mdm Shidah informs us that he has physically hit her on the head and face twice.

The Struggle

Even though Mdm Shidah’s husband is working full time, he does not provide for her and their children and does not contribute financially to the household expenses. He also does not help out with his children’s caregiving duties. Mdm Shidah is currently working part time as a receptionist and earns approximately S$650 per month and with this salary, she struggles to pay for the household bills, groceries and her children’s expenses.

While Mdm Shidah’s husband and children are Singaporean citizens, she is on Long Term Visit Pass. Her gynae visits to the hospital to check on the progress of her unborn child is not subsidized, and she struggles with the cost of the checkups on top of having to provide for the household.

Mdm Shidah informs us that whenever she asks her husband for some maintenance to help out with the household expenses, he would physically hit her. Mdm Shidah informs us that she feels there is no way out of her predicament as she feels that she is unable to divorce her husband as her husband is also her first cousin. Even if she divorces her husband, she is still within the family and feels afraid to be left an outcast. She is currently receiving support from a Family Service Centre and social workers are working very closely with her.

Give Hope – Help Needed

Ray of Hope would like to raise S$1,200 (S$300 x 4 months) to defray the cost of Mdm Shidah and her children’s living expenses. Her circumstances are difficult and complex and social workers are working closely with her and her family. Please give hope to Mdm Shidah and her children during these very difficult and trying time!

* Client does not qualify for government financial assistance due to her husband’s salary


  • March 3, 2020

    Mdm Shidah has filed for Personal Protection Order

    Dear Donors, Our case managers recently met Mdm Shidah to disburse her February 2020 financial assistance. She informed us that she has filed Personal Protection Order (PPO) against her husband. He has informed the judged that he will no longer hit her and they will be undergoing court mandated counselling.…
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Every little bits if donation counts. May your generosity be rewarded. Amin.



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Do take care of yourself.



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