A Community Driven Platform

Crowdfunding allows complete strangers to help a fellow human in need. As a crowdfunding platform, we want to be that bridge to connect those who can help, with those in need.

Donation Back Guarantee

Our campaigns undergo a stringent verification process. In the unlikely event of any discrepancy, rest assured that your donation will be fully refunded.

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Mdm Hajijah and Grandson

Mdm Hajijah (73) and Grandson (15)

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For People
in Need.

Ray of Hope is a crowdfunding charity that not only gives beneficiaries support, but also dignity while seeking help.

There are no defined criteria to qualify for assistance. But we verify every case to ensure needs are genuine. This ensures donors can give with peace of mind.

Browse Campaigns Ms. Kamisah and family

Ms Kamisah (32) and family

At Ray of Hope, we do things differently.

Our referral process is hassle-free. We are just a phone call or email away. Our case managers will visit every beneficiary to verify their needs.

We also complement our partners in the social service sector who refer beneficiaries to us - individuals or families who can do with help from donors.

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Ms Julianna and family

Ms Julianna and family