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Louis is a 38-year-old Singaporean who is stuck in Australia and hopes to return to Singapore as soon as it is possible for him. Louis had arrived in Melbourne in January 2018, in the hope of paying for his school fees with his savings, while working part-time. Unfortunately, he got into a riding accident merely three months after reaching Melbourne. His savings were wiped out after being used to pay for the medical bills incurred as a result of the accident, as well as to pay for his Certificate course fees.

In April this year, Louis moved to Sydney in the hope of finding a better job. He returned to Melbourne for a short while to pay rental for his lodging in Melbourne, before returning to Sydney again, where he has been trying to work to make ends meet and cover his debts. With no savings or family support to fall back on, Louis went into debts for his course fees, which led to his certificate being withheld by the institution due to the unpaid fees despite having completed the course.

Louis’ widowed elderly mum is not working, and his two elder sisters are full-time housewives. His younger brother, who has medical issues, is still looking for employment, and his younger sister has started work only recently.

He is completing his two-week quarantine in Sydney tomorrow and is on the verge of being chased out of his rented room. He is appealing for assistance to help him with his rent arrears, course fees arrears and debts amounting to AUD18,238* (S$18,010) so that he can return to Singapore after they have been paid off.


*Bills have been cited by Ray of Hope


Tan Siew Lan

Donated S$100.00 August 09, 2020


Derek Lim

Donated S$100.00 August 03, 2020



Donated S$50.00 August 01, 2020


Jeog Lee

Donated S$50.00 July 30, 2020

Take care!



Donated S$250.00 July 29, 2020



Donated S$200.00 July 29, 2020

May you find your way home soon, Louis


Charlotte O.Wisener

Donated S$100.00 July 29, 2020


Francis Low

Donated S$50.00 July 28, 2020


Bee Koon Ung

Donated S$50.00 July 28, 2020



Donated S$1,000.00 July 28, 2020

Dear Louis, I am praying that the Lord will draw you near to Him. Know that He loves you and will never forsake you. Here is a small gift to represent His mercy to you. Hang in there, my friend. You will be home, reunited with your Mom and siblings soon. Take care. - Dr Tan Poh Kiang - MP Carrie Tan\'s friend -


Kevin Teo

Donated S$100.00 July 28, 2020

Wishing you the very best Louis and hope you can come home soon!



Donated S$100.00 July 28, 2020

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