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Mdm Suryati* is a 34-year-old single mother to 4 children between the ages of 4 – 14 years old. She divorced her husband two years ago after he cheated on her. With very little employment opportunities in rural Indonesia, Mdm Suryati came to Singapore in March this year to work as a domestic helper in order to provide a better life for her 4 children.

The Struggle

Mdm Suryati informs us that her children does not have a permanent roof over their heads. After her divorce the caregiving duties falls entirely on Mdm Suryati as her husband does not provide for his children. As she was working in Singapore her children currently shuttle between two houses, Mdm Suryati’s mother’s house and her ex-mother in law’s house.

Mdm Suryati informs us that she faces enormous financial stress and pressure. She did not receive any salary as she has to repay back her agent. Her mother and ex-mother in law were having difficulties in caring and providing for her 4 children. Mdm Suryati alleges that her employers were difficult on her and restricted her movements. She had to report the number of times she visited the toilet each day and she has to inform her employers of the food she had consumed from the household. Mdm Suryati also alleges that her employers used harsh language on her and constantly nit-picks and scolds her.

Due to the immense stress that she was facing from her financial pressures and her employers being unkind towards her, Mdm Suryati was unable to think clearly and sought to remove herself from her employer’s home. She wanted to return home to be with her children and on the 2nd of November 2019 she decided to leave her employer’s home. She found the door locked and in despair and unable to think clearly, she decided to jump from her employer’s house which was located on the 3rd story.

Give Hope – Help Needed

Due to the impact of the fall she broke her spine and her right foot. She has undergone surgery and is currently recuperating. Once she is deemed fit enough to be discharged, she will be repatriated back home. Ray of Hope would like to raise S$1,500 to defray her innocent children’s living expenses. Please give hope to Mdm Suryati and her 4 children!

* Name has been changed to protect the identity of Mdm Suryati


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hang in there and hope you get well soon!

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