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Campaign Story

Ray of Hope previously assisted Mdm Juliana who was struggling to bring up her 5 children while her husband was incarcerated. Recently, the case workers met her and got to know that her husband who was previously incarcerated is back with the family about a month ago. Although her husband is back home, he does not contribute financially and with an extra mouth to feed in the household, Mdm Juliana is always worried about making ends meet every month.

Mdm Juliana shared with us that in spite of their financial constraints, her 5 children (12, 10, 6, 4 and 1.5 years) have never complained about having lesser than their peers in school. The resilient mum related to us the few occasions when she was only able to give her eldest daughter $20 for an overseas trip organized and paid for by the school. Even with the little that she has compared to her peers, Mdm Juliana’s daughter was always contented with what she was given. Mdm Juliana told us that she hopes to apply for a rental flat with her children and move out of their current 4-room flat which is owned by her ex-husband as she hopes to have a place that they can call home.

Financial wise, Mdm Juliana is relying on the $600 maintenance that she is receiving from her ex-husband but the amount is barely sufficient with 5 growing kids to feed. Mdm Juliana confided in us that she hopes to be able to go to work as soon as her baby is enrolled and settled in at the infant care. Even with the odds against her, Mdm Juliana always puts on a smile in front of her children as she does not wish to burden them with the financial situation at home.


Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope would like to support Mdm Juliana by raising $1700 ($340 x 5 months) to help defray her groceries expenses. Your donations would give hope to Mdm Juliana who is trying her best to provide for her children!


*Mdm Juliana is currently not receiving public assistance as it has ended in May 2019.

  • January 20, 2020

    1st disbursement

    Mdm Juliana has received her first disbursement. Thank you donors!

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God is always there with you and you can do it! Stay positive, confident, strong and healthy to achieve anything! Take care !


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Stay strong for your kids.



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You and your children are precious. We encourage you to push ahead with courage, to help your children to grow up and become active citizens.



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