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Mike is a promising 21-year-old who was studying in Singapore and holds a Singapore PR status. Unfortunately, his life changed in April 2019 when his mum was incarcerated for drugs, leaving him to fend for himself. At that point, Mike had to drop out of his ITE course due to his outstanding arrears, even though he was merely a semester away from his course completion.

With no means of supporting himself financially, Mike went on to serve the National Service. He was also separated from his siblings when his father brought them back to the Philippines a couple of years back. He has not met his two younger siblings, 15 and 10, since they left. The loving brother who shares a close relationship with his siblings sends part of his $630 salary each month to them without fail to support them. He shared that he is currently appealing for Singapore citizenship, but he hopes to be reunited with his family one day.

Mike hopes to be able to continue with his ITE course and is saving up towards the goal. But the reality is, with no family support to fall back on, his salary of $630 is barely sufficient after paying off the bills to make sure that he has a roof over his head and food for each day.

Ray of Hope would like to support Mike in returning to school by raising $10,500 to help with his ITE arrears ($6,500) and school fees for his final semester ($4,000). Payment will be made to the school directly. By completing his course and obtaining the certificate, Mike can then pursue better job opportunities after completing his National Service.

* Mike is not receiving social assistance.

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