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Campaign Story

The Struggle

Mr Raj*, 48 years old, is currently serving the remaining part of his sentence at a halfway house due to narcotics offences.  When our case managers met Mr Raj he spoke of his deep regret and wanting to turn over a new leaf for his 10-year-old daughter.

Give Hope – Help Needed

Mr Raj has gone for a job interview and is awaiting reply from the organisation. He worries about his transportation and being able to travel to work. As he has been incarcerated for some time, he does not have the financial means to support himself for the first two months.

Mr Raj also suffers from gum disease and has very little teeth left. He will be getting subsidised dentures however, he is unable to afford the cost of the dentures. He has been advised by his dentist to go for further treatment to treat his gum disease, however, due to limited financial resources, he will only be able to undergo treatment once he has started working.

Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope would like to raise S$440.00 for the following assistance:

S$200 for dentures

S$240 (S$120 x 2 months) for transport

Mr Raj is currently striving hard to turn over a new leaf. This can be seen by his determination in wanting to find employment shortly after he was transferred to the halfway house. He is striving hard towards financial stability for himself and his 10-year-old daughter. It is not easy for ex-convicts as they continue to face discrimination, but Mr Raj is striving his best, so please give hope to Mr Raj.

* Name has been changed to protect the identity of Mr Raj

* Mr Raj is not receiving government financial assistance

  • July 19, 2019

    Mr Raj has found employment

    Dear Donors, Our case managers recently met Mr Raj at the halfway house to disburse his financial assistance. He is grateful to donors as his dentures is almost complete and with the money raised, he is able to pay for it in full. He has also started working at the…
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