May 4, 2020

A sad update from Susanne

Dear Friends and Donors,

Much has happened since my last update on 21 April 2020. This important update will be my last to all generous donors and friends who have contributed and continuing to support the campaign for my family and Suma.

I had continued to visit with Suma daily in hospital after work. I was there to pray for her and hoping that she will wake but she had remained in an unresponsive stage since her second brain surgery on 17 April 2020. Each time I left the hospital with much sadness. The doctors in TTSH had stopped giving her aggressive treatments as there were no improvement in her condition. They decided to wait for an answer from the Semarang hospital. Two procedures were done on her on 26 April 2020. A tracheostomy was done so to see whether she was able to breathe on her own. The tube inserted on an opening in her skull to drain fluid from her brain was also removed and inserted into her stomach.

On 28 April 2020, Suma was moved from ICU to a High Dependency Ward as the tracheostomy was successful.

On 30 April 2020, I received a call from TTSH that the letter of acceptance from the Semarang hospital had arrived. Urgent arrangement was made for Suma to be air ambulanced back to her home town on 1 May 2020 in the early morning. We were at the hospital at 6.30am waiting for the Hope Ambulance medical doctor and staff to collect her at 7am. We wanted to send her off as we do not know when we will see her again. Her family was there to receive her when she arrived in Semarang.

With much sadness, we receive a call from her daughter that her mum had passed away at 7 am the next day. Suma had suffered greatly during her illness. We believed that she was waiting to be home with her family around her before giving up her last breath. We are very sad that she had passed on. But I am glad that I fulfilled my promise to her daughter to send Suma home and her family was able to be at her side during her passing.

On 30 April 2020 was also my last day at work due to Ministry of Health restriction on clinic staff ratio during the coronavirus circuit breaker. I was given just a day’s notice by my company. I am without a job and has a sizeable TTSH medical bill of $113,189 and cost of air ambulance $28,400 to settle. Suma’s insurance is capped at $30,000. I need help for the fund raising campaign to continue to help me to settle the medical cost, air ambulance and contribution to Suma’s family. Kindly continue to share this in your social platform.

Please continue to pray for Suma’s family in Semarang that God will comfort them in this time of their grief. My family and I thank you for your help and generous donations.

Thank you. God bless and grateful to all.

Susanne Ho
Suma’s employer

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