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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of those working in the tourism industry have seen a steep downturn in business. Mr Ismail*, 46 years old, was one of those who were affected by the pandemic. Mr Ismail migrated to Singapore in 2006 in hopes of providing a better life for his family. He has to support his wife and two daughters who are also living in Singapore with him. Six months ago, he lost his job as a currency exchange teller. He was previously working as a sales assistant at a souvenir shop as well since 2016 but had to cease operations as the business was not doing well.

The father of two had to go through Pleural Effusion Removal surgery last year. He had to remove excess fluid between the layers of his lungs due to his lung blockage. Recently, he was hospitalised again as he was diagnosed with heart blockages. Instead of resuming with further medical procedures/ surgery, he is currently on medication to maintain his health condition as he does not have sufficient savings.

Mr Ismail’s youngest daughter, Fatimah*, is now studying in a local secondary school. As a foreign student, her family is having a hard time trying to pay for her school fees as Mr Ismail’s income was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The situation was further aggravated by his medical bills. Fatimah’s teacher shared that Fatimah was found to be under a lot of pressure due to her parents’ challenges in meeting the family’s daily necessities and monthly school fees.

Mr Ismail hopes that he is able to receive the support his daughter needs while he seeks for new employment.

Ray of Hope would like to help Mr Ismail’s family by raising $5,680 for Fatimah’s school fees till January 2021 (S$1,420 x 4 months). Payment would be made directly to her school. 

*Names have been changed to protect the beneficiary’s identity

*Mr Ismail does not qualify for public assistance due to his non-Singaporean citizenship

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