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Campaign Story

Izan, 29 years old, is the eldest among three siblings. He is the family’s sole breadwinner and came to Singapore to support his elderly parents and two schooling younger siblings as a dormitory cleaner. He came to Singapore for the second time in October 2019 and took up bank loans to pay his agent fee of $8,500. Eventually, he borrowed from neighbours to repay the bank loans. Currently, he has accumulated about $14,000 in debt to his neighbours, including interest rates.

The Accident

On 20th January 2020, Izan suffered an injury at work. As a dormitory cleaner, he was tasked to transfer out heavy and wet clothing from a washing machine to a dryer. While trying to pull out the clothes, he suddenly felt pain in his right arm and was unable to bend or move them eventually. He was brought to the hospital and had to wear an arm plaster for two weeks. In addition, he had to attend regular physiotherapy sessions over the course of the year. Till today, he still experiences discomfort when moving his arm and is unable to carry heavy load.

As Izan has stopped working since his injury, he no longer earns his basic salary of $850 a month. While he did receive his MC wages from his employer over the year, the bulk of it was remitted back home for his family’s living expenses. Izan’s family in Bangladesh currently cannot afford to pay for basic necessities, including long-term medication for his father. Izan is very worried thinking about the debt and money his family requires. Even after returning home, he would still need another 2 to 3 months to recuperate and regain strength in his arm before he could do manual work again.

Ray of Hope would like to raise S$2,680 (S$670 x 4 months) to defray his family’s living expenses in Bangladesh. Your donations can give hope to the injured worker and enable him to send remittances home.

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