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Ray of Hope has previously assisted Julyana and her husband, Simon with their living expenses. Simon met with an accident in 2017 and has since suffered the aftermath of the accident, including a ruptured colon and bladder, as well as several broken ribs. He also struggled with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, heart and liver issues. Julyana was holding two jobs as a food packer and stall assistant to support the family while caring for her bedridden husband.

“I managed all his medications and brought him for his medical appointments. I was close to breaking down almost everyday as my shift to take care of my sick husband continues after my work. But Simon is my only family here in Singapore and I will continue to care for him with all the energy I have”, Julyana told us when we visited the couple few months back during Simon’s hospitalisation.

We were recently updated that Simon has passed away on 3rd June due to complications arising from his heart and liver issues. Julyana was left distraught with little family support as her elderly parents and siblings are back home in Indonesia. The Covid-19 circuit breaker measures had also affected Julyana’s employment with the temporary closure of schools. The business of food stall where she was working at also took a dip, and she is now left to look for a new job. Losing her income on top of the passing of her beloved husband has left Julyana grieving and helpless.

When the case workers visited Julyana recently, we learned that although it was not easy caring for her bedridden husband while holding two jobs, it was largely the presence of her husband that kept her going emotionally. Nonetheless, she chose to remain positive and her determination to overcome the challenges has led her to fully repay their debts single-handedly with what she was earning.

Looking forward to start living a debt-free life, Julyana has actively started seeking new employment while she picks herself up from grief. Ray of Hope would like to support her by raising $1,600 ($400 x 4 months) to defray her living expenses as Julyana is also caring for her two stepdaughters from Simon’s previous marriage.


*Julyana & Simon’s social assistance has ended in Jan 2020. 



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