May 20, 2020

1st Disbursement to Lee Ah Mooi Home

Dear Donors,

Thank you for your support of the Lee Ah Mooi Caring Fund. We, at Ray of Hope, have been working with the team at Lee Ah Mooi Home to verify the use of their funds. On Friday the 22nd of May, we will be sending our first disbursement to them for the following:

Funds utilised for the month of April – $132,333.11

 Breakdown of funds

1.Residents and their families in the Month of April 2020 – $34,409.76

  • Admitted to hospital and died due to COVID-19: 100% waiver of all fees
  • Admitted to hospital and confirmed due to COVID-19: 100% waiver of all fees
  • Admitted to hospital/SLR and tested negative due to COVID-19: 30% waiver of all fees

2. Affected Staff in the Month of April 2020 – $6,647.35

  • On quarantine order and need help with daily living expenses such as food, and their utilities bill

3. Essential Services Continuity & Additional Services in the Month of April 2020 – $60,360.92

  • Deep Cleaning – $15,787.80
  • Cleaning Services – $10,381.00
  • Food Catering – $25,982.09
  • Laundry – $5,146.06
  • Biohazard Waste Mgmt. – $503.97
  • Additional Waste Mgmt. – $2,560.00

4. Additional Medical Supplies and Consumables in the Month of April 2020 – $30,915.08

  • Medical Graded Hand wash & Consumables – $15,468.56
  • Residents’ Uniforms, Bedsheets and Pillow Cases – $ 9,989.52
  • Staff’s Uniforms – $5,457.00

The campaign has raised a total of $233,343.33 (as of 20th May). After the disbursement of $132,333.11 on Friday, we will be left with $101,010.22 in the Fund. We will continue to work with Lee Ah Moi Home and the administrators to verify the next tranche of disbursement for the month of May.

We thank you for your donation and your patience as we processed this first disbursement. We will continue to update you on this Fund.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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