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Campaign Story

The Struggle

When her husband reportedly hit her with his e-scooter charger after arguments arising from his suspected affair, causing severe cuts on her head, she decided to pull herself out from the abusive relationship for the safety of her children. Madam Nurul’s husband has since left home on 29 June after their argument, leaving her to mend everything at home all by herself. Madam Nurul and her two daughters are currently living in their HDB flat which they have moved in February 2019.When the case workers met Madam Nurul, she confided in us that her husband did not once provide the family with any financial support even when he was working as a Grab Food delivery dispatch rider. This has placed her under tremendous stress, and she is afraid that the single mother label might affect her children’s academic in future.


Give Hope

While Madam Nurul has filed for divorce and is fighting for the maintenance for her children, the process of divorce can be emotionally draining. Madam Nurul is struggling to put things back in place even as she is working to support her kids. She told us that no matter how tough the going gets, she is thankful that she still has her kids with her and that she believes if they scrimp and save, they can get by. But being the sole breadwinner of the family and the main caregiver of her 2 daughters, Madam Nurul faces difficulty in managing her finances being a working single mother and trying to provide her daughters within her means. Madam Nurul tries her best to bring up her two daughters. The 38-year-old is working in a bakery to support them with her pay of S$880 each month.

She is currently working part-time due to her caregiving duties. She hopes to continue working with this company and gradually increase her work hours after she places her daughter in childcare. The donations would give hope to the single mum as she tries to get her life back together!


Financial Breakdown

Ray of Hope would like to raise $1,800 to help Madam Nurul with the following:

  • Kitchen sink installation (one -time): $250
  • Groceries (monthly): $300 x 5 months
  • Childcare fees (monthly): $10 x 5 months (after subsidy)


*Madam Nurul’s SSO assistance is currently being renewed.

  • November 30, 2019

    3rd Disbursement

    Mdm Nurul has recently her 3rd disbursement. Thank you donors for helping the resilient mum through this period!
  • October 17, 2019

    2nd disbursement

    The case workers met Mdm Nurul for her 2nd disbursement yesterday. She updated us that her SSO assistance is ending in November and she will be meeting her officer soon. In the meantime, she has also obtained other assistance on her child's student care fees with the help of her social worker. Thank you donors for giving hope to Mdm Nurul!
  • September 10, 2019

    1st disbursement

    Mdm Nurul has received her first disbursement! She told us that it has been stressful juggling between work and managing her children while her divorce is in process. Nonetheless, she is thankful to the donors who have reached out to help her!
  • August 27, 2019

    SSO approved

    Mdm Nurul updated us that her SSO assistance has been successfully renewed for August to November 2019. She will be receiving $240 a month with assistance of $45.50 for her town council payment.


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