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Campaign Story

17-year-old Maisara is currently a Year 1 student enrolled in an Institute of Technical Education (ITE). Maisara holds a PR status in Singapore and understands that her PR status poses many issues for her. For example, she is required to pay the full fees upfront and her family is unable afford that. Nonetheless, she yearns for a chance to complete her education to provide a better quality of life for her family after completing her studies.

At home, Maisara’s father is the main provider of the family. Her mother is the main caregiver of her three younger siblings who are between the age of two and four. One of Maisara’s siblings is suspected to have autism while her youngest sibling suffers from developmental issues. To support the family of six, her father has to work a second job on top of his day job to earn an extra income. To help with her family’s expenses, Maisara also works as a part-time sales assistant after school, earning $400 per month. Her mother intends to work once the younger children are able to attend school.

As a PR, Maisara does not qualify for any subsidies for her school fees. With proper education, she hopes to find good employment to support her family financially once she graduates from school.

Ray of Hope would like to support Maisara by raising $$3,209 for:

  1. ITE arrears – $1,409 
  2. School laptop – $600 
  3. Family’s groceries expenses – $1,200 ($300 x 4 months)

* The family is not receiving financial assistance from SSO.

  • April 23, 2021

    3rd disbursement to Maisara

    Ray of Hope has disbursed $300 to Maisara for the monthly groceries assistance to her family.

  • March 26, 2021

    2nd disbursement made to Maisara

    Ray of Hope has disbursed $900 to Maisara for the monthly groceries assistance of $300 and for the purchase of a laptop for her school ($600). Maisara wishes to thank the donors for extending support to her family!

  • February 26, 2021

    1st disbursement made to Maisara

    Ray of Hope has made the first disbursement of $1,239 to Maisara for her school fees ($939 for Feb & Mar) and $300 to defray her family’s groceries expenses.