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Campaign Story

Ray of Hope previously assisted Mdm Faziahna when she lost her employment in March 2020, when the Covid-19 circuit breaker measures came in place.

A few months back, Mdm Faziahna updated the caseworkers that she has started working full-time as a school cleaner. She was coping well on her job, and was offered a promotion as a co-team leader managing a group of cleaners. She was also promised a new gross salary package of $1,440, with an additional $300 for helping with the cleaning work in the school canteen. The single mum of 4 school-going children was hopeful about her new role and how she could support her children moving forward.

Unfortunately, she was not paid the salary that she was promised, and she was only paid around $700 in total for her work. Her requests for her latest pay slips were also left ignored by her supervisors. This left Mdm Faziahna in great distress, as the pay slips were needed for the renewal of her social assistance. Desperate, Mdm Faziahna decided to resign from her job so that she can seek new employment to move on.

Ray of Hope wishes to raise $3,600 ($720 x 5 months) to support Mdm Faziahna as she seeks new employment. The financial aid will help defray her expenses for her children’s milk, diapers and the family’s groceries.


*Mdm Faziahna’s social assistance is currently pending renewal.

  • June 29, 2021

    1st disbursement to Mdm Faziahna

    Ray of Hope will be making the first disbursement of $500 to Mdm Faziahna this week, and will catch up with her soon!